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Music is for Masochists

Why Write?


Bad Water


Available Writings


The Music Mage Cover epic fantasy introducing us to the world of Ravanmark, where music is magic and art is power, and an unemployed music teacher can change the world.
Concerto Cover a romantic suspense novel of love, music, and murder.
Lost Concerto Cover the sequel to Concerto
Crystal Caver Cover a fantasy novella
Enemy in the Mirror Cover a science-fiction/fantasy novella


Short Stories

Dorrin's End--a fantasy short story

Bad Water--appearing in the August/September anniversary issue of AlienSkin Magazine


Hats--published by Story House LLC. 

Sara--Grand Prize winner in the FictionAddiction.NET 2002 poetry contest.


Why Write?--appearing in the September/October issue of Vision: A Resource for Writers.

Targeting Enemy Words--appearing in the September/October issue of Writers' Journal.

Who Is Juliana?--an examination of Juliana jewelry, appearing in the April 2005 issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine.  My first photo feature, and cover story, all in one!

Music is for Masochists--appearing in the August 2001 issue of Music for the Love of It.  Also appeared in the Personal Best section of Writer's Lounge.

Writing in the Cracks: Finding Time to Write--appearing in the Writer's Forum, a Writer's Digest publication.

Suite 101--monthly music history column.  Read the articles here!  (As of January 2002, I have discontinued writing this column, due to policy changes at the Suite)


Works in Progress

Redeemer of the Realm

another fantasy novel!  This is the sequel to The Music Mage, and it takes the story to a truly epic scale.

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The Chronicles Of Elubeth

a fantasy series.  This series chronicles the founding of the land known as Elubeth.  A real departure; no music here, only swords and sorcery.