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What the readers are saying about "Concerto"....

5 starsWonderful! October 10, 2010 By Ciphergurl
This review is from: Concerto (Paperback)
Concerto is one of the best Suspense/Thrillers I've read! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride: wondering what's around the next corner. It's so much fun to read that I couldn't put it down. Definitely on my favorites list! :)

"Concerto is an interesting mixture of suspense, g-rated romance and mystery...The storyline flows smoothly with increasing action and suspense as the story unfolds. Concerto would be a good first book in an ongoing series; it is an easy read that grabs the reader's attention and holds it to the very last page...readers are sure to enjoy. "
         --Nurture Your Books Review

"You are a wonderful writer.  You grabbed me immediately, and held me to the end..."

--Eric W

"Your writing is excellent"

--Joe M

"Very captivating"

--Valerie W


--Thomas M

"Loved your site and story"


"Bravo on your writing....may you stay inspired and INSPIRING"

--Donna M

"WOW ! That is a very compelling start of a GOOD novel...GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !! THANK YOU !"

--Alena D

This is a sampling of the comments coming in through the website and email.  Thanks for all of the feedback!