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Indispensable aids from a multi-published, multi-genre author who knows how it's done.  Don't miss them!  I have bought and continue to use each of these, and I was recommending them to other writers before Holly even started her affiliate program.  I am part of that program, and receive commissions when these items are sold, but I recommend them to you because there is nothing better, anywhere.

This is "the one" from Holly Lisle--"The One" that's going to get that vague story idea out of your head and into finished form better than anything else.  She's going to teach you more than just writing this story though--she's going to teach you systems to help you write, anything, always, from now on.

How do I know?  I've taken the course :)  And I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I still refer back to it even now.  I am an affiliate for this course and receive commissions for it, but I would recommend this course to anyone even without commissions.  Some of the things you learn you will use over and over again, some you will try once and set aside.  And you'll have a whole toolbox full of things to use when you need them.

Okay, so what if you already have a first draft?  Well, here's "The One" that's going to make that first draft into something more awesome than you thought you could do.

Most writers think of "revising" as cleaning up grammar, spelling--prettying things up. 

But this course will teach you revision that will make meaningful change for the better in what you've written.

How do I know?  I've taken this one too  :)  And it really brought things into focus for me.  I learned more about writing from this course than from anything else I have ever done, read, or studied.  Of course I became an affiliate for this course as soon as it was available, and I do receive commissions when it sells.  But I would recommend it to you even without that.  I use this process for every revision, every time.  And it has never failed to make the book orders of magnitude better.  Some of the very best AHA! moments you will ever have, you will have while taking this course.  It made everything better for me.

I bet it can for you, too.

StoryToolz - I find this site to be so, so useful--you'll see evidence of that on my writing pages and in my blog, where their progress meters are used to track my words written.  I adore progress meters, and theirs are so easy to use.  They have awesome generators and tools to evaluate the readability of your work, too!  The Crystal Cavern, for instance, requires an average grade level of 4.7 reading level.  Well worth a visit, and a bookmark.

Click for StoryToolz 

Momwriters--Love to write?  Have kids?  Check out MomWriters.com--this site is terrific!  Lots of resources and information.


The Writer's Market Online--This is indispensable to anyone who writes, or wants to write, for magazines.  The search functions easily make it worth supplementing--or even replacing--your paper Writer's Market with the online edition!

Writer's Market

Writer's Digest--The number one writer's magazine, now online!  Check them out, they have quite a few good resources.

Writer's Digest

FictionAddiction.net--This is a very good writer's resource; agent listings, book reviews, writing workshops.  Check out the writing prompts to keep you in good form, and post your work in the Author's Showcase.  You could get lost in here!


F2K Fiction Workshop--I know you aren't going to believe me when I say this, but this is a free online writer's workshop.  Free!  I've done it, and it's not only valuable critiques, it's a lot of fun.  Check them out!

F2K Fiction Course

Fantasy Name Generator--A really fun tool that will help you generate all kinds of fantasy names, even things like insult names.  As with most generators, I rarely use names as they are given, but usually will "tweak" the results a little to match my style.  These will give you a great starting place though.  You may need to refresh the results several times to find something you like.  Have fun!

Citations--If you are doing any sort of writing using other people's work as a base, citation is hugely important.  It's also hugely misunderstood. :)  Here you'll find a great guide to properly citing your sources, with links to teach you everything you need to know.  Thanks to Rachel from Ms. Ward's class for submitting the link!

Also be sure to check out the website tools links and the writers links!