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This is one of the best parts of the website--the Round Robin story room.  I'll post beginnings of stories here; some actually story fragments that I never got around to finishing, some by guest contributors.  You the readers can finish them.  Just send your idea for the next segment of the story to, or use the submission forms at the bottom of each story.  (Your email address will only be used to notify you if your entry is selected.  It will not be provided to any third parties)  Each month or so I will go through the submissions and pick one to post.  Then we'll start over with submissions for the next segment from there.  You can submit segments for any story you choose--or for all of the stories.  Ready to start?  Great!  Here are the current story choices:

The Mind Warrior

The West Chapel Letters--contributed by Andrew Money


The Awakening--contributed by Andrew Money

All submissions may be edited for grammatical correctness and suitability.  Thanks for visiting!

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