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Fiction writing is a delicate craft, part art and part science.  It's a craft I have devoted most of my life to, and in this section of my site I would like to share some of the things that have worked for me over the years.

This section of the site was originally one page, but it has grown (and continues to grow!) at such a rate that I have split it up.  Please select one of the categories below to view the tips.

Ideas--A Practical Exercise

Sparks, and How To Catch Them


Endings--Practical Exercise


Writing Resources--Software for Writers

General Fiction Writing Tips

Dealing With Writer's Block

Character Development Tips

Character Development Writing Exercises

Character Name Lists  Female, Male, and Last Names

Fantasy Character Name Lists  Male and Female Names

Organizing Your Work

Making Writing a Priority

Catching Your Ideas as They Happen

POV and Perspective

Creating a Vivid Setting

Writing Lengths--Word Counts

Ergonomic Writing Tools

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