The Enemy in the Mirror

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Ellane Williams bitterly hates the aliens who are invading the Earth, but when she takes a stand against them she gets more than she bargained for.

Join Ellane as she struggles with an unwelcome metamorphosis, an unwanted new identity, and the end of life as she knows it.

To survive, we must all fight not to become the evil we oppose...

The Enemy in the Mirror
A Novella

    Available now in paperback, Kindle edition, and Smashwords e-book

    Read a free preview on your Kindle, PC, iPhone, or iPod Touch, Blackberry, or Android!  Follow the Kindle link below to download the software.

    Don't have a Kindle?  The first half of the story is also available as a free preview at Smashwords!  A Smashwords e-book supports many different formats you can use on your reader or read right on your computer.

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Printed Editions:

Paperback: The Enemy in the Mirror

Amazon: The Enemy in the Mirror

Electronic Editions:

Kindle Edition: The Enemy in the Mirror

Smashwords: The Enemy in the Mirror

Barnes & Noble (Nook); The Enemy in the Mirror