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It seems the number one way you learn more about your characters is simply by writing about them.  Unfortunately, when this process occurs while you're writing your story, it can show.  Awkward, uneven character development in your completed piece can be the result.  One way to get around this is to write scenes with your characters that are not part of your story, but which nonetheless help you learn about them.

Here are a few writing exercises that you can do to help you learn more about your characters.  These are also good for helping you past writer's block, or for use as prompts in timed writing exercises.  Each of these exercises is fairly general; you should use the specific traits of your character and story to fill them in and write a scene from them.  Not all of these exercises are appropriate for all characters; for example the lead in a fantasy novel will probably not be suitable for the exercise about building a website.  If I can find any of the sheets where I did these, or if anyone would like to submit theirs to be posted, I will put up some examples.


Do you have a suggestion for a character development writing exercise?  Email me!  (Your email address will not be used for any other purpose or provided to any third parties).

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