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First of all, you may want to download or print out my Character Sketch Template, as some of the Character Development suggestions that I have work well with it.

Remember when you are doing character development work that although your main concern is the parts of that character that are relevant to the story, that isn't your only concern.  Anything about your character is worth writing down, and you never can tell when the oddest detail from your character sketch will actually show up in the story.

After you finish these, be sure to check out the Character Development Writing Exercises also available on this site.

Here are a few things to consider when developing your character:


If you are ready for serious detail--ready to bring out the big guns and develop a character so real you could run into them on the way to the grocery store--check out

which is THE VERY BEST character development tool I have ever found.  I actually abandoned my own character development materials that I have shared here when Holly came out with this.  I am one of Holly's affiliate, and I do receive a commission when this is sold from my link.  But I recommend this resource to you because I have bought and it used it--and continue to use it--myself, and I really believe it is the best there is.

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